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VersaHorse System

We call it the VersaHorse to symbolize the versatility of this classic bondage horse design.

VersaHorse base

VersaHorse is the basis for a "system" of versatile attachments - you can build the Pillory and Pegasus Bench attachments to complement the VersaHorse. By itself, VersaHorse provides 9 tie-down straps to hold the subject in place and in perfect position for spanking, paddling, flogging, or penetration. The straps fix the upper and lower arms, upper and lower legs, and back to the VersaHorse.


The Stock dates back to Medieval times and is still with us today. Foxy Furniture's Stock is a classic design with holes for Wrists, Ankles, and Neck. The top half slides into place and is locked down with a pair of Pegs. Your subject can be placed in a variety of positions.

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The Pillory attachment incorporates the Stock and turn the basic VersaHorse into a Medieval style Pillory. The subject's chest rests on a pad with wrists and neck placed in the holes in the Stock. The ankles can be attached to Eyebolts in the base of the VersaHorse. The net effect is a very secure position - yet surprisingly comfortable for long play sessions.

Pegasus Bench

Named after the flying horse in Greek Mythology, the Pegasus Bench attachment turns the basic VersaHorse into a flat bench with outriggers for the subject's arms and legs. Multiple straps from the VersaHorse are used to afix the subject's arms to the "wings", and the legs can be attached at several levels along the "tail". The Headrests from the basic VersaHorse provide support for the head - but are removable so the head can be dropped affording access to the mouth and throat.

This piece of equipment supports up to 250 lbs.

VersaHorse side view


VersaHorse Stock attachment


VersaHorse Pegasus Bench attachment

Pegasus Bench

VersaHorse Pillory attachment


Setting up VersaHorse play stations.

VersaHorse is easy to use. Click on the left and right arrows to see some examples!

The VersaHorse base is a classic bondage horse, with adjustable arm and leg rests, which store inside the VersaHorse.

The Stock can be used by itself in several positions, and couples with the Pillory attachment to create a secure but comfortable station.

Pegasus Bench rounds out the VersaHorse System, providing a bench for your partner in supine pose. Their arms are spread and affixed to wings using straps. Steel Outriggers hold the legs vertically, passing through an eyebolt and screwed into a mounting block. The legs can be attached at several levels from nearly vertical to the “pelvic exam” position.