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Behind Closed Doors Travel Kit

Behind Closed Doors Travel Kit

Perfect for weekend road trips, vacations, and private play parties! It is the ideal solution when all other play stations are in use. This compact trio adds little weight and requires minimal space in an overnight bag, suitcase, or toy bag.

A smooth, heavy duty nylon strap on the “T-bone” component fits between the top of most doors and the door frame. There are no metal rivets or edges to scratch or chip the door.

Designed to partner easily with the T-bone is an adjustable 5-½ foot strap. Slipped through the T-bone D ring and brought around each side to the front of the door, the strap can be lengthened or shortened as desired. This provides lower attachment points for greater variety or when overhead arm suspension is not desired.

Behind Closed Doors includes a small Telescoping Spreader Bar to complete the convenient Travel Kit. To adjust the width of the spreader bar, simply insert the quick release pin in one of several holes to achieve the desired length. When the spreader bar is used with the T-bone and strap, the overall effect is similar to a St. Andrew’s Cross – one that fits in your suitcase and weighs less than one pound!

Not intended for full body suspension.


Behind Closed Doors Travel Kit is easy to use. Click on the left and right arrows to see some examples!

The T-Bone can be slipped over the top of the door with the D ring on either the front or back of the door. The D ring is on the front is best for bringing the wrist overhead. When the D ring is on the back side, slip the 5-1/2 strap through the ring and bring the strap ends around to the front.