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Power Pole

Power Pole

Hide this Bondage/Whipping Post in plain sight, in your living or family room as a Coffee Table and Coat Tree.

The Coffee Table measures 40" square and is 18" high. The Coat Tree stands 6' 6" off the floor. Both are very functional in their vanilla roles.

For play purposes there are 4 Spreader Bars - two 30", one 24", and one 18", and of course you can easily make more of different lengths. The Spreader Bars slide through holes in the Pole in any of numerous locations. The Spreader Bars are stored (and hidden) in the framework of the table/platform when not in use.

The Power Pole in the pictures is constructed of Poplar and a Cherry laminate flooring. For your Power Pole you can use any of a myriad of hardwoods and laminate flooring brands and styles

This piece of equipment supports up to 250 lbs.

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Converting from furniture to play station.

Pandora's Chest is easy to use. Click on the left and right arrows to see some examples!

Both Bolsters easily detach from the chest lid by unscrewing the knobs. Once detached, their brackets fit into the chest body at the ends or front to give your playmate something comfortable to kneel upon. Comfy for hard floors!

Steel Outriggers hold the legs vertically in the “pelvic exam” position. They also hold the Crossbar in the bent-over position. For play, the Outrigger halves screw together, pass through an eyebolt, and are inserted into a Retaining block.