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Criss cross transformation

Welcome to Foxy Furniture!

Free Bondage Furniture Plans for You

We no longer build the large furniture items, but you can download FREE plans to build the furniture designs (keep reading). While we can't build BDSM furniture for you - we can help you build your own. We are providing plans of our products - free. That's right, free. We provide the plans - you build it. Click on the furniture you're interested in, read about the item, and click the download button to get the plans.

Flogger Bags, Behind Closed Doors, Spreader Bars for sale

We also have some small items for sale - check out our Flogger bags with fabric choices of Purple Stars, Money, or Parrots. For on the go play - try Behind Closed Doors or lightweight, adjustable Spreader Bars in small, medium, or large.

DIY Plans -- free

Foxy Furniture's mission is to enable players to own serious dungeon equipment without a dedicated dungeon - the ultimate in Mom-proof discretion!

Simply put, we design BDSM equipment that doubles as quality furniture for your home. For example, when you're finished playing on the St. Andrew's Cross pictured above, it becomes the Pedestal in about 5 minutes. Perfect for apartment or condo dwellers, people with children, or anyone who simply wants to keep their personal life private. And you get the satisfaction of storing your toys in plain sight.

Click through the images to see the examples of furniture items you can build. When you see something you like, click on the Plans link above, read about it, and download the free plans

What we ask of you

Please use our site to buy BDSM toys from JT Stockroom! When you follow the link from our site and buy toys - we get a small fee from JT Stockroom. It is crucial that you follow the link from our site, but you pay nothing extra, so please meet us halfway. We give you free plans, please use us as a jumping off place for your toy purchases.